Shipping More Successfully

Shipping More Successfully

3 Ways To Make Your Bakery's Shipped Box Packaging Stand Out

Isabella Lynch

Once upon a time, getting a product from a bakery meant taking a trip downtown, making a selection, and heading home with your freshly baked goods. However, the way consumers shop has changed, even when it comes to food. Many people order their fresh foods from the internet and enjoy the convenience of it being delivered to their door, and that does include bakery goods.

If you are the owner of a bakery who ships out your delectable foods, picking the proper packaging for the occasion is absolutely critical. Take a look at some of the ways you can ensure the shipping boxes you use for your bakery are going to stand out to consumers and stand up to the task of transportation. 

Look for boxes that are easily opened. 

Think about the last product you ordered in the mail. How difficult was it to get into the shipping box? Did you have to pull out a knife, pry and pull, and wrestle with tape and adhesives? Most products are packaged in this way to protect the contents of the box, which is, of course, important when shipping food. However, don't pick boxes that are so hard to get into that the product is at risk of being damaged during the opening process. If you must, ship things in boxes that have a removable top lid or serrated line where the customer can easily tear open the box and access the product. 

Look for boxes that are customizable. 

You are shipping out something you want to be immediately recognizable when someone sees it. Therefore, your box packaging should reflect who you are and what you are sending. Opt for customized boxes that clearly have your company name or information printed on the side. If what you send is fragile, go ahead and have that "fragile" designation printed on the containers so there is less of a chance of the box being mishandled by carriers.

Look for boxes that are bright and colorful. 

This tip may seem a little strange, but brightly colored packaging will automatically garner more attention when it is being transported and when it is handed off to the purchaser. Pick colors that coincide with your business and order box packaging that matches that idea. Eventually, consumers will start to recognize the box color you choose as being from you even if they catch sight of the box from a distance. 


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